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Author Topic: Benefits of injectors  (Read 4744 times)
Larry DeCamp
Posts: 46

« on: June 15, 2011, : 09:01.10 AM »

Swift Fuels ( Purdue University) is close to commercializing the replacement avgas for 100LL. A recent conversation at the Frasca Flyin revealed some information worth sharing.  The Continental induction spider and intake tube does such a poor job of vaporizing and uniformly distributing fuel, that it is the primary cause of cracked cylinders in small continentals, particularly 0200's.  Mellinium cylinders are more robust, and solve the cracking problem, but are a band aid for the root cause. It was pointed out that an injector system is much better for the health and performance of the little Continental engine.  I had concluded the injectors were just a novelty, or desirable for aerobatics, even if they were a pain in the a**. It may be worth considering an injector for your little Parrakeet's power plant ?
Don Staats
Posts: 8

« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2011, : 11:49.56 PM »

Larry, I bought new cylinders for my O-200 when we overhauled it a few years ago.
I got them from ECI.  Oneof the VPs, a personal friend, said the O-200 cylinders from ECI have thicker fins
land are stronger than most of their competitors.  So far, after several years, no one has ever reported any cracking.  I hope that proves to be the case on my bird.   Don Staats
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