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Rose Parrakeet A-1  S/N 103  NC14843 - More Photos 2

Jack Rose Doug Rhinehart & Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14843

Above - Jack Rose & Doug Rhinehart in front of NC14843.  Photo taken during 1966 AAA National Fly-In Ottumwa, IA. Photo from The Flyer, vol. , no. 7, October 1966.

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14843

Above—Doug Rhinehart standing next to NC14843 Pete Ettinger's 1929 Brewster B-1  Fleet is in the background. On their way to a fly-in.  Name on hanger "PORTH - AIRE".  Date unknown.  Photo Courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

Doug Rhinehart & Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14843

Right - In his constant effort to share his enthusiasm for the Rose Parrakeet, Doug Rhinehart frequently allowed other pilots to fly his "Keets".  This photo and article documents an incident at Ottummwa with another pilot at the controls.  Photo taken by Ottumwa Courier photographer.  Date unconfirmed.

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14843

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