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Dan Rhinehart & Rose Parrakeet A-1  S/N 105  NC14881 "Ramblin Rose"

Four Photos of NC14881 undergoing a complete restoration by Dan Rhinehart at Cable Airport, Upland, CA.  Photos courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

Left - NC14881 on it's first post-restoration test flight and first time in the air in 20 years.

Right - Pilot Dan Rhinehart on the ramp at Cable Airport, Upland, CA.  Photos courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

( Dan Rhinehart - 5/2/2006)
I just hit the big ten hours on the parrakeet and all is well. I should be painting the new cowling and miscellaneous sheet metal soon. I'm also looking forward to flying it this summer as I have more time to do so.

( Dan Rhinehart - 5/2/2006)
here are a few parrakeet pictures for your "people" section. The little man in the cockpit of his grand father's airshow airplane would be my son Zach.  Zach is my dad's only grandchild born on September 01, 2005.

Above Left - Note instrument panel

Below Left - Note Dan's rendition of the Rhinehart-Rose Logo on NC14881.  Photos courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

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